April 04, 2017
Well, well, well.. it's been a while. I'm sorry I abandoned you for the best part of a year, but what a year it has been. I should probably update you.. hmm, where do I begin?

After the excitement and stress of my year abroad, I decided to take the time to relax with friends during summer. First I spent a week's all inclusive, lying-by-the-pool-doing-nothing holiday in Mallorca with my best friends from home. It was bliss - even if they went missing on a bus and I thought they were gone forever... but that's a blogpost for another day. 

I then went travelling around Europe for 3 weeks with friends and had the most amazing experiences. We went to Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. We had drunken laughs, hungover horrors, met some amazing people along the way, ate about 4 tonnes of goulash and just generally had the most amazing time. I still go through all the photos every day and internally cry at how much I miss it.. although, I did find out that living out of a backpack is definitely not the one.

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It was then time to begin my 4th year of university which would quickly become one of the busiest, but best yet. This is where my blog took a back seat, despite my best intentions to keep it up. (Sorry!) Being on the committee of 2 university societies whilst in my 4th year was definitely a lot to handle yet the countless hours spent designing posters, organising events and studying couldn't stop me from having possibly the best semester of my university career. I'm not quite sure what made it so great, but I met so many new people that have become lifelong friends, became more self-confident and embraced challenges and stepped outside of my comfort zone more (which I would encourage everyone to do.) I've always liked that famous saying by someone whose name I don't remember: 'Life begins outside of your comfort zone.'

Since the New Year I have also decided to decrease my stress by engaging in more activities that promote wellbeing and calmness into my life. One way i've done this is by going to yoga classes. Yes, me.. the boy who can't touch his toes and is very, very athletically challenged. It's been fun, despite a slightly creepy instructor and my inability to raise my straight leg above 1cm off the ground. But watch this space! I am determined to become Mr. Flexible!

The other way I am aiming to reduce stress is.. this blog! Blogging was amazing for getting things off my chest when I was abroad, spending time typing away without a care in the world, designing the blog, discovering other blogs.. I have definitely missed it in my life this year.

"So why the name change? Tell us about the name change!!" I can hear you all screaming at your laptops. For anyone who didn't know about my previous blog, it was called 'White Boy Abroad' which, at the time, was an accurate description of me. I was white, a boy and living abroad. (Shock, I know!) It was mainly travel themed which has been a struggle to maintain since my return to Aberdeen and the poor student life (RIP Erasmus Grant, I will miss you). I thought I would change the name to allow me to post more non-travel posts. I don't have any planned yet but I do have an obsession for candles so who knows, I may soon become a Yankee Candle Appreciation blog. Show the real me, y'know?

Anyway, i'll try not to be such a stranger this time. I've got a lot of hilarious stories to tell and more unattractive Instagram photos to share. I hope you have a wonderful morning/afternoon/night (whenever you are reading this).

Peace out, folks xo

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