April 11, 2016

After watching YouTube daily for years and always wanting to start my own channel but fearing the social rejection (lol), I have finally made my own channel and I couldn't be happier. I always knew I wanted to make a channel but I didn't want to be your typical "Trying American Candy" vlogger. I wanted to have a theme to my channel and get into videography more than your typical bedroom set-up. I regret not starting my channel earlier so that I could video all the amazing trips i've made this year but oh well, there will be plenty more to come and it's a good excuse to plan more trips.

I went to the stunning walled-town of Avignon this weekend and shot my first video, which you can see here:

We set off for Avignon at 06:40am with a 2-3 hour bus journey ahead of us. As the bus drove further south, the sun rose over the vineyards of the region and it was beautiful. We stopped off briefly at a motorway services and then made our way to Avignon. Despite the bus driver getting lost for about 15 minutes, we eventually made it to Avignon and parked up in front of the well-known "Pont d'Avignon" (Bridge of Avignon). The trip was organised by ESN Lyon, an Erasmus organisation here, and they had suggested that we buy a ticket to go on the Pont d'Avignon and also into the Palais des Papes. However after seeing the bridge I opted not to spend €4 for the pleasure of standing on it. It was beautiful to look at, yeah, but there didn't seem to be much of a view from it and I mean how fun can standing on a bridge be? €4 worth? I don't think so. Instead, a group of us who had opted out of the going on the bridge went into the walled town and up to the Palais des Papes. 

Walking through the little medieval streets made me feel like I was in a BBC drama set in a medieval kingdom or something, it was so so pretty. We made our way through the narrow cobbled streets, up the stairs to a large square where we were met by the beautiful Palais des Papes. The moment was spoiled by the strong winds that plagued our trip for most of the day, so we made our way to a park just to the side of the Palais to get a nice view over the town. We then found a small church and headed inside and were greeted by one of the cutest, most tranquil churches i've ever visited. Whenever I visit a church, I like to see the small chapels that lead off from the main church - they are usually more serene and plainer, yet still so beautiful. This church did not disappoint.

We then left the church and met up with the group who had visited the bridge, then we split up for lunch break and were to meet back in a few hours. We had lunch in the warmest and least-windy area we could find then set off the discover the town. I can't quite describe it. I've been to prettier towns, towns with more to see and do, towns with more people.. but Avignon had a certain charm about it that you felt throughout its maze of winding streets and large squares. We made our way up to the train station where we came across yet another French protest (*sigh*). 

By this point, the wind had died down and the sun was shining. We decided to head back to the big square we had been in earlier in the day and sunbathe before we headed back to Lyon. On the way we came across a lovely little crêperie and, like, you can't NOT have one, ya get me?! So I opted for the Nutella-Banana crêpe which I then had to try and eat without cutlery and with the Nutella running down my face.. I was so beautiful, as per. After scoffing my crêpe, we found a suntrap in the square and all lay down to catch a bit of sun. It was then that we heard the distant chants and loud-speaker songs coming from the protest that we had seen earlier which was now making its way to where we were. Amazing.

All the people rushed into the square and the big loudspeaker truck decided to park right behind us so we had to move. We then found another area further away from them and started to sunbathe again until we heard about 10-20 loud bangs coming from the centre of the square. With all that's happened in Europe recently, it's safe to say I shat myself. Turns out some radge decided to set off firecrackers.. IN A BUSY SQUARE.. IN FRANCE.. NEXT TO A CAR. Like, r u srs?! 

After changing my underwear (lol jk...) we were led to a small boat by some woman (not quite sure who she was). The boat was small but free and I expected a nice little tour down the river.. 30 seconds later we were disembarking. It took us across the river/moat/whatever the bit of water is to a walkway which was nice. Not quite sure why, but anyway.. We then headed across the bridge back to our bus and headed back to Lyon. After being sunburnt, walking about all day and having a heart-attack with the firecrackers everyone on the bus fell asleep and woke up as we arrived in Lyon. I then finished my day off with a McDonalds because you gotta treat yo self. 

Clips and highlights from my trip can be seen in my YouTube video (posted above). I would love if you could leave a comment on it telling me what you think, any tips you have and perhaps what you thought of Avignon if you've visited it before. Also, if you have a YouTube account, please subscribe to me as i'll be posting more travel-montage type videos in the future. Until then, thanks for reading. xo

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